Unattended Death Cleanup OKAn unattended death is defined as a death that occurs when another person is not with the deceased. The death can be the result of a health event, natural causes or an accident, but it is particularly difficult because by the time a friend, neighbor or family member finds the person, decomposition has often started, making the area unsafe for others. Oklahoma unattended death scene cleanup is an essential part of the process of restoring the area to safety and helping friends and family come to terms with the death and move forward. KRI specializes in this type of cleanup in the Oklahoma area. We can clean your home, business, vehicle or even a public area where the death occurred.

Unattended death cleanup is extremely difficult and should only be handled by a team of professionals, who have the experience and training to manage this complex scene. Body decomposition creates a biohazard risk for anyone coming into contact with the area. Disease, infection and bacteria can be spread to humans if not cleaned, disinfected and cleaned properly. The smell will also quickly become overpowering and difficult for those not trained to handle it.

KRI’s experienced cleanup team manages an unattended death cleanup in the following way:

  • Contain the area so to minimize risk of other individuals being exposed to biohazard risk. Our team of death cleanup professionals will wear protective gear to keep them safe.
  • Thoroughly and repeatedly clean, sanitize and disinfect entire affected area. This may include rugs, furniture, curtains, ceilings, floors, etc.
  • Use professional grade cleaning equipment and products that effectively eradicate all traces of blood, bodily fluids and remains. Clean up location of death so that it can be safely used in the future.
  • Eliminate all biohazard risk so that the area can be used again.
  • Respond to unattended death cleaning request immediately. Delays only compound the danger.
  • Perform all services discreetly, respectfully and with compassion. Often these cleanup services are covered by insurance so you do not have to assume this financial burden.

Our team understands that processing the loss of a loved one after an unattended death is difficult for many reasons. In addition to sadness and grief, you may feel guilt that your loved one spent their last moments alone. KRI’s team will provide supportive service and help with the difficult cleanup process so that you can move forward and start the healing process. Contact KRI for a confidential consultation by calling 1-888-382-2930 or email [email protected].