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4 Myths of Crime Scene Cleanup

Anyone can become a victim of suicide, traumatic road accident, homicide or violent crime. When such misfortunes take place, crime scene cleanup technicians come in handy. Crime scene cleaners play a vital role in our society. They provide essential crime scene cleaning, and blood cleanup services to those affected directly or indirectly. Well, despite their […]

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Bloodborne Pathogen Risks

Dealing with blood can be very dangerous. If blood spills on a surface, it is necessary that the right cleanup procedure is followed to prevent coming in contact with harmful bloodborne pathogens. Bloodborne pathogens are deadly, so, please take safety precautions during Blood Cleanup. Learn More.

Ambulance Vehicle Cleanup Texas

Texas Ambulance CleanupAmbulances are critical for transporting sick patients and crime scene, vehicle accident or other trauma victims to the hospital as fast as possible. EMS is faced with the responsibility of providing medical care, stabilizing patients with all kinds of health issues and trauma and transporting them to hospitals quickly so that they have every chance of surviving and being treated at a hospital.