Texas Odor Removal ExpertsAre you dealing with stubborn, unpleasant odors in your home or business? There are many different causes for very strong odors that require Professional Odor Elimination Specialists. Things like excessive pet odors, smoke, urine, sewer gas or a dead animal will leave you with strong, nasty odors. The smell of a decomposing body is hard to forget and difficult for even seasoned professionals to handle. KRI technicians are experts at Biohazard Cleanup and Odor Removal Services. We will assess your Texas home or business and take care of all necessary steps to restore it to a Habitable Environment.

Why Hire Professional Odor Removal Service?

Odors can come from a variety of things. The cause of unpleasant odors is often related to bacteria that you breathe in every time you are in the area. Not only are these odors unpleasant to your sense of smell, they can be hazardous to your health. Typical housecleaning methods will just mask strong odors without eliminating the cause.

Odor Elimination Technicians at KRI use equipment and cleaning methods that remove airborne contaminants from inside of your home, business or vehicle. Odor causing contaminants can find their way into even the smallest crevice. We go the extra mile to ensure total and permanent odor elimination. Once our skilled technicians have completed all odor removal services including sanitizing and decontaminating, it will again be a safe and habitable environment.

Biohazard Remediation Expertise

The smell of death is an extremely strong and unpleasant odor. There are also health risks associated with prolonged exposure to the airborne particles from decomposition. An unattended death can lead to a serious Biohazard situation that is best left to qualified professionals. Texas residents can rely on Biohazard Remediation Expertise from KRI. Our technicians are certified to handle, remove and transport biohazardous materials including blood and other body fluids.

Odor Elimination Experts

Contact KRI for Permanent Odor Removal in homes, commercial buildings, vehicles and more. Our technicians are highly trained professionals that use equipment and techniques that provide efficient Odor Elimination. We are qualified to handle any Biohazard Removal to restore the scene to a safe, habitable environment. Texans can always rely on KRI for Professional Odor Removal Services including cleaning, decontaminating and disinfecting.

If you are in the Texas area, contact KRI for Professional Odor Elimination Services at 1-888-382-2930, [email protected] or fill out our service inquiry form on our contact page.