Hoarding Cleanup Houston, TXIf you noticed your home is not as spacious as it used to be and there are only narrow pathways to get to a room, you might be experiencing a hoarding disorder. The first step in taking back the environment you live in is to understand that you might need help. If you don’t know where to begin, but know you want a fresh start – KRI offers Hoarding Cleanup Services for the Houston, TX area. We are not judgmental and this is not the first house we’ve helped sort through. Our team cares about your safety and wants to help you determine what is to stay and what is to go. Let us help you reach a happier stage in life.

Why Choose Our Hoarding and Clutter Cleanup Services:

Is it hard to cook a meal because you no longer have any countertops space? Did you trip because of the growing amount of stacks around your home? Can you only use a few of the rooms in your home, due to your collections? These are parts of your life that are made difficult due to the possessions that keep collecting. KRI knows that a lot of your items have value and with the right amount of space you can display all of your cherished valuables, whether sentimental or financial. We can help get your home back to a tidy space, without trashing all your things.

Hoarding Cleanup Process:

Home Cleaning – First we will walk around with you (or without – your choice) and recycle/throw out anything deemed as trash. Everyone has some garbage in their house they need to take outside and this is just a great place to start when reclaiming your home. Then we will clean – your countertops, couches, even floors.

Organizing – We have members of our team that found their niche in organization and can help you find a home, within your home for all you’re your wanted and needed items.

Separating – Maybe there’s some old clothes you have no use for anymore, we can safely put them aside so that they have use in the future. If some items have reached other areas of the home we can bring them back or decide to re-purpose them.

Recovering – In this process you may find things you forgot you had, even if they have suffered some damage we can help you recover and even fix them.

Donating – Just because you don’t have need for your things, doesn’t mean someone else can’t put them to good use. If you have a few more of one item than needed, donated. It will be helping you start your life fresh, while you help another.

We are dedicated to Providing Helpful Resources for any Hoarding disorders. Contact KRI if you would like help in getting a fresh start. If you are around the Houston, TX area by contacting KRI at 1-888-382-2930, [email protected] or fill out our service inquiry form on our contact page.