Hoarding Cleanup ServiceAre you in Texas and looking for Professional Hoarding Cleanup Help? If you don’t know who to turn but want someone who will respect you and your belongings, while also helping you sort through your home – for a fresh start – we are here; KRI is a cleanup company you can trust. We’ll help you categorize any collections that may be making your home or other property dangerous. The fact is, that an alarming amount of deaths are associated with hoarding and we are determined to lower that number and keep you, your family and pets safe.

Dangers of Hoarding:

Fire: When items start to pile up they limit the access to areas in the space. There may be a clear path but what if a fire makes that one path unmanageable? If windows and doors are inaccessible the possibilities of escaping a fire decrease dramatically and the possibilities of successfully being rescued are also lowered. And the more items, the faster the fire can spread. Fire is a serious hazard of hoarding that firefighters have to deal with and unfortunately lives have been lost due to blocked doors, windows, pathways and fast spreading fire – as a result of hoarding.

Biohazard Development: Though it may seem like a pile of papers or stack of items can’t ever get that dirty, the reality is that they can. Maybe a little spilled water was never wiped up, or juice or a couple crumbs…the little things add up – even in an empty space and can quickly become a biohazard. Excessive moisture can turn to mildew and mold. A sugary drink or some crumbs can attract bugs or even rodents and all of this might be just right out of sight but can cause health problems if not taken care of.

Falls and Collapsing: The more belongings you have in one place, the more chances you have of tripping on them or falling because of the narrowing pathways. Also, the weight of even light things can pile up and can cause structure collapses; if you’re above, beneath or close by the area, chances of injury are likely. Also, all of the items that were affected by the collapse are now damaged and your home needs some major fixing.

Animal Safety: Who doesn’t love to cuddle and have the affection of a pet? Over half of the American population houses at least one pet. One dog, cat or bird is a lot of responsibility but so worth it, even two in a loving home can be manageable but when the number of pets grow, the environment can become unhealthy, both for the beloved animals and their human friends. With multiple animals, accidents are more likely to happen; urine and feces can have extremely hazardous effects on the health of the environment and everyone within it.

Hoarding Cleanup and Clearing Clutter TX

Our professional hoarding cleanup specialists know how to help you successfully restore your home and keep your valuables, without being pressured or pushed around. We understand that there is value in your home and possessions and are happy to help you find a healthy balance that works for you and everyone else in your location. Contact KRI today for a confidential consultation on our Hoarding Cleanup Services at 1-888-382-2930, [email protected] or fill out our short online contact form.