Death Cleanup TXDeath is an inevitable part of life, but it can be incredibly painful and upsetting to friends and family, even when it is expected.  However, when death is the result of a crime, suicide or even an accident, it can be jarring and leave loved ones struggling to make sense of the circumstances surrounding the death.  One significant issue to contend with after an untimely death is the cleanup and sanitation.  These responsibilities are incredibly hard to handle and come at a time when you need to focus on grieving and healing.  KRI Crime Scene Cleanup is a leader in biohazard, crime scene and death cleanup in the Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas area, ready to step in and help you through this difficult time.

Trusted Certified Biohazard Cleanup Team

The biohazard cleanup crew at KRI Crime Scene Cleanup is professional, discreet and extremely experienced.  Our team is certified, licensed and insured, and uses state of the art cleaning methods, wearing protective gear (hazardous material suits) to fully and safely decontaminate the area in question and restore a safe and clean environment.  Whether you are dealing with a death by crime, natural causes, suicide or an accident, the KRI team is equipped to clean up any blood, which may contain blood borne pathogens and infectious diseases.  We use a wide variety of cleanup equipment including air purifiers, extractors and foggers to get the crime scene back to normal, while you focus on healing.

Trust the Death Cleanup to KRI

Our team at KRI believes that no one should have to deal with the cleanup of a friend or loved one after an untimely death.  Leave this part to us, while you focus on your family.  KRI’s process for death cleanup includes restricting the area, using protective gear during the cleanup process, properly disposing of biohazardous materials, thoroughly sanitizing the affected area and assessing and testing the satiation levels.  In addition, KRI, offers our clients a certificate of completion indicating that the area is safe.

If you have questions about our services, would like to get a quote, or are concerned about costs associated with crime scene cleanup, give KRI Crime Scene Cleanup a call at 1-888-382-2930 for more information.  Our customer service team can give you information to help determine if insurance will cover the costs of cleanup.  So, if you find yourself facing a crime scene in your home/business or a death by crime, suicide or natural causes, do not attempt the cleanup alone.  Let KRI help!