Biohazard Cleaners TXKRI specializes in all different types of biohazard cleanup for Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana areas. Our professional cleanup crew can thoroughly clean up all types of difficult crime scenes, including blood and body fluid removal, suicide cleanup, unattended death cleanup and vehicle cleanup. Our team of crime scene cleaners are available 24/7/365 to help you and your family through a difficult time.

Importance of Thorough Biohazard Crime Scene Cleanup DFW

Crime scene cleanup services in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas is very involved and difficult, but critical to restoring a crime scene back to safety. The primary reason for this is that the blood, bodily fluids and other remains left behind at a crime or trauma scene are a biohazard risk, meaning that they can transmit disease or infection to those who come into contact with it without appropriate protection. Biohazardous materials can be dangerous even after they are cleaned up, so it is also very important to dispose of them properly. The team at KRI can clean, disinfect, sanitize and dispose of all biohazard materials so that you can be confident that the area is safe for inhabitation. Getting the area back to normal is also an important part of the healing process.

At each crime scene, our cleanup team takes the following steps to ensure restoration of the area:

  1. Completely and immediately restrict the area
  2. Provide each member of the cleanup crew with the appropriate protective gear so that they are not exposed to the biohazard risk and cross-contamination risk is minimized.
  3. Sanitize and disinfect the area using professional grade cleaning agents (multiple times if needed)
  4. Test the area to ensure that it meets safety standards (retesting if necessary)
  5. Properly dispose of all biohazard materials so that others are not exposed
  6. Provide sanitation certificate indicating that the area is ready to be used again

If you find yourself needing any type of crime scene cleanup services in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas or surrounding areas , look no further than KRI. Our team will respond to your need immediately, day or night and provide professional, courteous, compassionate and discreet care in your time of need. It is never a good idea to try to clean a crime scene on your own. Give our team a call at 1-888-382-2930 and let us take this part of the difficult process off of your shoulders. We are always here to help you when you need it most.