Flood, Water & Sewage Remediation Services San Antonio, TXAs much as we try, there is no surefire way to predict when pipes will leak, freeze, or burst, when sewage will back up into your buildings, or when flooding, especially flash flooding, will occur. But one thing is for sure: whenever it happens, the sloppy mess needs to be cleaned up immediately. Life goes on even when stressful situations happen. But when water or sewage is left to linger, the damage to property increases exponentially. KRI offers water, sewage and flood remediation services to residents of San Antonio, TX. We will quickly fix your water and sewage issues, so that you can get back to your way of life.

Residential or Commercial Property Cleanup San Antonio

We offer our water, sewage and flood removal services for any possible circumstances, whether it was because of burst pipes in an upstairs bathroom, a backed up floor drain, devastating storms, or any other type of water or sewage damages. KRI is experienced in the proper removal and decontamination of any disrupted areas. Our trained and certified biohazard cleanup specialists will clear out any damaged materials, disinfect the area and return it back to a healthy, safe and functional condition for everyone. Our fast responding team of cleanup professionals can restore restaurants, malls, offices, homes, hotels, daycares, schools, or any other location in San Antonio that has water, sewage or human waste problems.

Water Damage Restoration

Quick response is a considerable aspect when it comes to trying to minimize any damages and restoration costs resulting from water damage. When flooding, leaks or other water problems are found and handled quickly, repairs are usually minimal and affordable. However, when water lingers, it will seep through the walls and flooring and penetrate the structure, making repairs impossible and instead complete replacement the only option. The second you notice a water problem is the time you should grabbing the phone to call KRI. Our water restoration team will be out to your San Antonio property and quickly restore it to its original condition.

Sewage Backup Restoration

Immediate action is a requirement when sewage is the problem because of the prevalent health risks. No one should ever try to clean up the mess of a backed up toilet or other sewage issues because there are major health risks if the area is not properly sanitized. Sewage carries viruses, bacteria and a multitude of foul germs. Not only can a sewage backup cause a repulsive odor, but interaction with the microorganisms can cause gastrointestinal (GI) illnesses, skin infections, and rashes. Even Hepatitis A has been found to be contracted as a consequence of improper protection and cleaning protocol after a sewage backup.

Sewer & Septic System Backup or Blockage Cleanup

Whether you’re have a city sewer or a private septic system, the biohazards of fecal matter must be disposed of immediately. Our highly trained and OSHA certified biohazard cleaning team has the expertise, technology, chemicals and protective equipment needed to restore your property to a safe condition, no matter how minimal or extensive the sewage run is. We’ll take every preventive measure to ensure no harm comes from this sloppy, rancid situation. We want to make the area accessible for you again.

Professional Sewage Cleanup

If you’re in San Antonio, Texas and in need of flood water extraction, sewage spill decontamination or water damage restoration contact the professionals of KRI for a confidential consultation at 1-888-382-2930, email at [email protected] or fill out our service inquiry form on our contact page.

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