The days after a homicide are difficult for so many reasons. The shock of the incident wears off and you are left to grapple with the knowledge that your loved one died at the hand of a violent act. The police have the difficult task of piecing together the clues to find the person responsible and you must make funeral arrangements and notify friends and family of the tragedy. And, another important aspect of the process is hiring a homicide cleanup team so that the crime scene can be restored to safety and you and the family can start the healing process. KRI can take this difficult task off of your hands by providing crime cleanup services for Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, or Oklahoma.

Bodily Fluid and Blood Cleaners

Crime scene cleanup and blood cleanup is an extremely difficult process. Blood is one of the hardest things to clean and happens to be potentially dangerous if others are exposed. Crime scene cleaners are equipped with protective equipment that help contain the scene, protect the cleanup crew and prevent cross-contamination. KRI also has the strongest cleaning agents to battle the residue left behind after a murder or other traumatic event. Our team does not stop there — after the scene has been thoroughly sanitized and decontaminated, our team takes care of all blood and body fluid removal. These materials cannot simply be tossed out with the trash. A crime scene is a biohazard risk and must be properly disposed of so that infection and disease are not passed along to unsuspecting individuals.

Immediate Response When You Need Professional Cleaning

Not only does KRI provide our clients with the highest quality crime scene cleaning services in Texas and surrounding area, but we understand how difficult a time this is for you and your family. We strive to provide the most compassionate, responsive and professional service in the business. Our team also responds quickly in your time of need. With staff available 24/7/365, no matter when you call call, we will be ready to help. We have experience with residential or commercial cleanup and have also worked with hospitals, law enforcement and military personnel on crime scene cleanup. Our crew is licensed and trained to properly manage all aspects of the cleanup process so that you can focus on what is important during this difficult time. Often the cost for this type of work is covered by insurance, so do not let money stand in the way.