Biohazard Cleanup Services TXIf you’ve got blood, bodily fluids, a crime scene or any other biohazard risks located within your residential, commercial or public property it is best to hire a professional biohazard cleanup team. KRI is an OSHA certified biohazard cleanup company that’s well equipped to handle any situations that pose a health risk, from backed up sewage remediation to infectious disease decontamination, death cleanup, crystal meth manufacturing sanitation and any other hazardous conditions. We are available for the entire state of Texas 24/7/365 and always understand the importance of discretion and compassion in your time of need.

Safety is our Goal

When hazardous conditions arise it is crucial that anyone encountering the area is cautious. We implement safety in every cleanup services we complete. Our trained biohazard cleanup technicians follow in-depth procedures to guarantee everyone’s safety. Below is a brief outline, not disclosed for use as a guide, rather disclosed for the purpose of what you can expect from our professional cleanup crew once they arrive.

Biohazard Cleanup Protocol:

  1. Close off and Restrict Access to the area(s) containing Biohazards.
  2. Suit up in Hazmat Suits, complete with Eye Protection, Gloves and depending on the circumstance at hand Air Filtration System.
  3. Removal and Proper Disposal of all Unrestorable Items.
  4. Apply Disinfectant to Entire Area in Timed Intervals.
  5. Test for any Traces of Living Organisms
  6. Disposal and Complete Sanitation of any Equipment Used at the Sight.

Affordable, Insurance Accepted Biohazard Cleaning

The scary truth is that many people are more concerned with the cost of professional biohazard cleanup than the health risks. It is important to assess your priorities at this time of hardship. Often times, our biohazard cleanup is covered under homeowners insurance and the most you might have to pay is the deductible. If, for some reason your insurance policy doesn’t accept any professional biohazard cleanup, we are more than willing to work with you, help you find programs for financial assistance and even help set up affordable payment plans. If the cost is what’s driving you away from our services, call us, you will be surprised as to how we can help make our sanitation services affordable for any circumstances.

If you’re needing fast, professional, discreet and compassionate biohazard cleaning services anywhere in the state of Texas contact KRI today [email protected], call 1-888-382-2930 or fill out our online form.