Texas Ambulance CleanupAmbulances are critical for transporting sick patients and crime scene, vehicle accident or other trauma victims to the hospital as fast as possible. EMS is faced with the responsibility of providing medical care, stabilizing patients with all kinds of health issues and trauma and transporting them to hospitals quickly so that they have every chance of surviving and being treated at a hospital. Unfortunately, sometimes victims do not survive the trauma and may die in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. Ambulance vehicle cleanup must be performed after each and every transport so that diseases, bacteria and infections are not spread from patient to patient. KRI Crime Scene Cleanup has experience with sanitation of emergency vehicles in Texas and the surrounding areas to assist with this difficult and time sensitive task.

Important Factors For Vehicle Cleanup Services

After an accident, crime or other trauma, blood and bodily fluids are left behind at the scene, but they are also left in the ambulance that transported victims from the accident scene to the hospital. KRI Crime Scene Cleanup specializes in blood and bodily fluid cleanup, death cleanup, vehicle crash cleanup, cleaning residue and remains both at the scene (residence, business, public or vehicle) as well as in the ambulance and even police vehicles.

Our biohazard decontamination team follows strict procedures that consists of timed and repeated sanitation phases of the entire vehicle, as well as chemical testing to guarantee the safety of the vehicle for normal use. If there are items in the ambulance or vehicle that are unsafe or cannot be decontaminated, we will remove and dispose of these items as well as all other biohazard materials.

KRI Crime Scene Cleanup can effectively, compassionately and respectfully manage biohazard cleanup in the following scenarios:

  • Crime Scene Cleanup
  • Suicide Cleanup
  • Unattended Death Cleanup
  • Vehicle Cleanup Services (after serious or fatal accident)
  • Blood Cleanup
  • Decomposing Odor Removal
  • Infectious Disease Decontamination
  • Biohazard Removal
  • Hoarding Cleanup
  • Meth Lab Cleanup
  • Tear Gas Removal
  • Water, Flood and Sewage Remediation

Trust KRI With All Biohazard Cleanup Needs

There are numerous scenarios where a professional crime scene cleanup team is needed quickly. KRI Crime Scene Cleanup is available 24/7/365, often able to provide a team of responders within 24 hours. We understand that this is a difficult time for the family and provide respectful, courteous and discreet and compassionate service to all of our customers. If you need vehicle scene cleanup in the Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma or Louisiana areas, give us a call today at 1-888-382-2930.